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by Erika Albertini, PT, DPT August 18, 2023 8 min read

Super Greens Powder Benefits

Are you striving to improve your overall health? If so, you may spend a lot of time focused on getting the proper nutrients in your diet, and this may naturally lead you to the produce aisle in the grocery store in search of much-needed fruits and veggies. 

When you begin to struggle to get all those valuable whole foods on your plate consistently, something like a super greens powder can seem like an obvious alternative. After all, super greens powders are jam-packed with a long list of health-supporting ingredients, such as spirulina, nori, and spinach—foods people don’t always get in their daily diets. 

But, is drinking super greens powder good for you? Can the superfoods found in a greens powder supplement actually deliver the nutrients to help you lead a healthier life? Take a look at all the super greens powder benefits below to help you make an informed decision. 

A Closer Look at Super Greens Powder Benefits 

The benefits of super greens powders can vary depending on the product you pick. However, most greens powder drink mixes contain a healthy mix of nutrients and agents that can potentially provide a number of benefits. Take a look at a few of the most noteworthy super greens powder benefits below. 

Green Powder Benefits for Skin and Hair 

Many of the nutrients found in greens powder supplement drinks are especially good for the skin and hair. Therefore, a lot of people do consume these drinks daily to maintain a healthy glow or reap greens powder benefits for hair. 

A few vitamins and minerals found in good super greens drinks that may offer benefits for skin and hair include: 

  • Folate (found in spinach and broccoli) - Supports collagen production and deters free-radical damage to the skin 
  • Vitamin C (found in leafy green vegetables)- Supports the utilization of iron, which is essential for hair growth 
  • Vitamin K (found in kale, spinach, and barley) - Supports the regeneration of skin cells and encourages healing 
  • Niacin (found in spirulina and seaweed) - Supports the production of important proteins and soothes skin inflammation  
  • Selenium (found in astragalus) - Supports hair strength by maintaining protein processing in the body 

Green superfood powder is high in antioxidants, which are always important when it comes to supporting skin health. Some studies even suggest that   healthy antioxidant intake can mean your skin is better protected when exposed to the sun. 

Greens Powder Benefits for Immune System Function 

Greens powders are nutrient-dense, which is important for many reasons. However, one of the more noteworthy benefits of a healthy intake of vitamins and minerals is the support provided to the immune system. 

The immune system relies on the presence of a long list of nutrients and micronutrients to do its job effectively. For example, iron, vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc are all important when it comes to the proper   functioning of immune cells . These cells work hard to step in and fight when a threat is perceived, such as a viral microbe that could make you sick. 

Super greens powders are made with fruits and vegetables that are naturally rich in micronutrients and agents that the immune system needs. Plus, green powders made with probiotics offer an additional level of immune system support through the mechanism of keeping   gut microbiota balanced

Greens Powder Benefits for Detoxification Support 

While research into the topic is still in its early stages, some studies suggest that a mentionable benefit of greens powder is that it may support natural detox within the body. 

In one   small study , people who consumed two tablespoons of super greens powder every day for four weeks had lowered measurements of oxidative damage in the blood. Oxidative damage comes from free radicals in the body, and these agents have been shown to be related to many different chronic diseases. 

The mechanisms behind why this occurs with greens powder is not entirely clear. However, some researchers speculate that greens powder drinks elevate the   alkaline levels in the urine , which may help the body eliminate certain toxins. 

Another theory is that the high levels of antioxidants in super greens supplements help the   liver detox from certain free-radical compounds. 

Super Greens Benefits for the Digestive System 

As noted earlier, one of the super greens powder benefits is its ability to support healthy levels of gut microbiota. The intestinal tract is filled with billions of bacteria. These bacteria rely on the intake of certain foods and nutritive agents to remain stable. 

Additionally, some evidence suggests that the diversity of food intake is especially important when it comes to gut health. Greens powder can contain dozens of different foods, which adds diversity to the diet and may in turn mean support for the microbiome of the gut.  

The best super greens powders also contain other important ingredients that support gut health and digestion. For instance,  bromelain can be a valuable digestive enzyme that supports gut health. Likewise, probiotics work to support the maintenance of healthy gut bacteria levels. 

Find out more about whether   super greens powders are good for your gut

Super Greens Powder Benefits for Enhanced Energy 

Lacking energy levels can be problematic for so many people, and many of these issues with energy come from nutrient deficiencies. Numerous  nutrient deficiencies can cause undue fatigue and lacking energy, including: 

  • Low iron levels 
  • Low vitamin D levels 
  • Low B12 levels  

Even if you are not deficient in vital nutrients, you can suffer from low energy levels simply because you are not getting all the nutrients that your body actually needs to function. Therefore, super greens powders may fill in the gaps in your nutritional intake profile to support sustained energy levels. 

Beyond the general support from vitamins and nutrients to help with energy levels, greens powders may provide natural energy boosts in other ways. For example, a greens powder like Rewind Greens that contains   green tea or   ginseng may offer natural energy-boosting properties. 

The energy boost with a greens drink can be so substantial that many people choose to get their day started with super greens instead of coffee or hot tea. 

Super Greens Powder FAQs 

Are greens powders good for you?

Super greens powders can be exceptionally good for you. While a super greens powder health drink may not be exactly the same as consuming the actual whole foods, there are benefits to consumption just the same. 

These powdered mixes contain a host of   important agents , such as: 

  • Plant-based polyphenols 
  • Vital vitamins, such as vitamins A, B, and C 
  • Critical minerals, such as iodine, potassium, iron, and calcium 
  • Valuable dietary fiber

Greens drinks contain so many of the vital nutrients and plant compounds that support overall wellness. This is why the super greens powder supplements have such a close link to many noteworthy health benefits. 

While there is definitely more room to grow when it comes to exactly how good super greens are for the body, the early evidence already suggests super greens can make a difference. 

Take a closer look at   how super greens powders can be good for you .

Do super greens help you lose weight?

Consuming a well-rounded diet rich in vitamins and nutrients may be beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight in several ways. 

Getting key nutrients from   fruits and vegetables may help to curb hunger and keep cravings at bay. Additionally, the added nutrient intake may offer much-needed support for   your metabolism and enhance your energy levels to keep you up and active. 

While studies on greens powder drink mix specifically for weight loss are lacking, the added nutrient intake may offer some level of support for those who are consciously trying to drop a few pounds. Not to mention, a green/greens drink like Rewind is exceptionally high in good nutrients but low in calories, fat, and carbohydrates. Therefore, Rewind Greens specifically may be a go-to option for nutritional support even when you’re trying to cut back on carbs, fat, and calories. 

Find out more about super greens and weight loss.  

Which is better: green powder vs multivitamin?

Many people do go for multivitamins because of the convenience factor they offer. And multivitamins can be cheaper than super greens. However, the benefits of multivitamins over super greens powder drinks tend to stop right here. 

Both greens powder supplements and multivitamins provide a long list of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. But multivitamins can be lacking in other agents that are just as important: plant-based agents like polyphenols and phytonutrients. Plus, well-formulated greens drinks like Rewind Green Drinks contain additional elements that support your health, such as bromelain and prebiotics, such as apple pectin for healthy digestion. 

Another downfall of multivitamins is the nutrients may not be all that   bioavailable , which means the nutrients may not be easily broken down and absorbed by the body because they are not being delivered in their natural form. Several studies have been carried out that show that only a fraction of the vitamins and minerals in multivitamins actually get absorbed by the body. Therefore, even though these supplements show they provide the recommended daily value of important agents, your body may never actually absorb the full amount. 

By contrast, greens powders are made from whole foods, so the nutrients that you get when you have a green health drink are more similar to what you would consume in whole foods. Therefore, the natural nutrients in greens powders may be more bioavailable and better absorbed by the body than those found in multivitamins.  

What happens when you start drinking super greens?

When you start drinking super greens health drinks, your body begins to get a full collection of valuable nutrients. Some people may notice a difference in how they feel right away due to this increased intake of key nutrients. For example, you may see a remarkable difference in your energy levels or your usual food cravings throughout the day. 

With a consistent intake of super greens powder every day, you may experience even broader and more noticeable differences in how healthy you feel. For instance, you may notice that you don’t get sick as often due to a stronger immune system. Or, you may start to see differences in the texture of your skin or the growth of your hair due to the heightened level of vitamins and minerals. You may even   start sleeping more restfully at night due to a better balance of nutrients in your everyday diet.  

Get a closer look at   what happens when you drink super greens every day

What do super greens do for the body?

A super green/greens drink mix truly does a body good, especially with regular consumption. In a lot of respects, the human body is like a complex machine. The unique mechanisms of the body are tasked to handle numerous important functions, such as fighting harmful free radicals, protecting you from dangerous microbes, and keeping you moving and sleeping well. However, the food you eat must provide the proper fuel to ensure all these systems are functioning properly.

Regular consumption of a high-quality green health drink helps ensure your body is getting the agents it needs to keep things running smoothly. For example, the heightened and consistent intake of   vitamin C from leafy green veggies may keep your immune system fighting off harmful microbes. Likewise, the regular intake of   phycocyanin from spirulina may mean fewer issues with inflammation in your joints. 

Find out more about   what happens to your body when you drink super greens .     

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