Most of the questions our Rewinders asked are answered below. And if you still need assistance, our team is here to serve you.



Absolutely! In fact, many of our Rewinders come up with their own creative recipes like a healthy Pina Colada. There are hundreds of recipes in our Breakfast Club.

You can have them anytime! However, we recommend them first thing in the morning so you'll have all your greens, vitamins and minerals to kickstart your day.

There's a tiny amount of caffeine which naturally occurs in green tea.

For each flavor, we use flavors from plants, spices and herbs. It's taken us years to create the perfect 100% vegan flavors that taste ah-maz-ing with nothing artificial.


Some of our ingredients are organic. We run exhaustive 3rd party tests on every drink and ingredient.

Yes. But they are made in a facility that processes gluten.

Yes. But if you're on a special vitamin regimen recommended by your doctor, always check with your health care provider first.

No, all our greens are soy-free.

Our green drinks are slightly sweet and very refreshing.

We've even been told our Greens taste like Pina Colada, Fruit Punch, Cherry Icee & Peach Rings!!

Our Rewind green drinks have a 2 year shelf life from production date!

But we highly doubt these yummy products won't be sitting around that long!

All of our products are manufactured in USA!

Add 1 serving (1 scoop) one or two times a day to 8-16oz of water or added to your favorite smoothie. 

They are (13cc-14cc) scoops which is equivalent to one tablespoon. Our scoops hold 10g of greens.

Yes. Each glass has just 4 NET carbs.

We have thousands of customers with diabetes, but always check with your health care professional first.

ABSOLUTELY not.  It’s one of the reasons we created our super special Rewind drink mixes.  We were sick of searching high and low for “healthy” products that had hidden chemicals so we developed our own.

Try 'em for 60 days. If they're not the best greens you've ever had, return them for a full refund. We only ask you pay to ship them back.

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You can contact our Customer Service department by clicking on the green chat button in the bottom-right corner OR send us an email: 

Ship This!

Yes we ship internationally!

But remember, there might be additional "customs fees" by your country. We cannot control those fees. 

Yes! Once your order is sent, you'll be emailed a tracking link. You'll watch it right up to the time you unwrap the box of goodness!

Just contact us and we'll be happy to help you with your return.  Email us at

Yes - In fact, we recommend it!! You will be first in line to receive our in stock products. You will also receive a special discount. Just click "HERE" and add to cart. You can choose how often you want your selection sent to you.

Absolutely! We also take credit card.

There's no catch. We simply obsess over making them absolutely blow you away with flavor. Check out all our testimonials from formerly skeptical people just like you!