July 18, 2018 1 min read

This recipe (and pictures!) came from a fellow Rewinder.. Julie Passios.

I told her about my experimentation with using the Rewind Superbar in smoothies - and immediately, she came up with this one.

She said her sons LOVED it and it tastes like an Iced Coffee.

Try it for yourself.


STEP 1:  Add a handful of ice to your blender


STEP 2: Add coconut/almond milk to blender.. until it's just above the ice.

STEP 3: Cut Rewind Superbar into pieces and add to the blender. Then BLEND until smooth and creamy


That's it.

Just 2 ingredients and you're ready to rock!

Now you've got an "iced coffee" with nourishing greens, protein, fiber (to help you feel full) and lots of anti-oxidiant rich fruit!

The benefit of adding a Superbar to your smoothie is having all these greens, fruit, protein and fiber without having to buy a dozen different (and expensive) ingredients.

Give it a try today.. and let us know how you like it.

And if you haven't tried a Rewind Superbar yet, what are you waiting for? See why thousands of "Rewinders" are knocking years off their body with the world's first (and only) superbar!