Super Greens Powder: A Full Intro to Super Greens Powder Drinks  

Have you been eating your green veggies lately? After all, foods like kale, spinach, and seaweed can serve up a host of vitamins, minerals, and impressive benefits. In fact, some nutritionists claim if you're not getting these superfoods in your diet, you're doing a disservice to your health.

If you're like many, however, your diet doesn't consist of all the green vegetables and nutrient-rich foods you need. Thankfully, super greens powders like Rewind Greens are available. These superfood powders offer those good nutrients even if you tend to skip the wheatgrass and broccoli.  

But what is a super greens powder exactly? More importantly, do greens powder products taste good—at least better than green vegetables? Below is a deep dive into the world of super greens powder, what's in these powders, and more.

Super greens powders are nutritional supplements in powdered form made with vegetables and fruits that are considered superfoods. What are superfoods, exactly?

Superfoodsare not a named category of foods by nutritional standards. Yet, this impressive title is most often used to reference certain natural foods known to be exceptionally rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Therefore, a green superfood powder is typically a blend of fruits and vegetables with a wealth of good things for the body. 

Super greens powder products are created from superfoods that have been ground into fine powder. This superfood powder can be used in several ways, including incorporating them into foods.

However, most people use these products as a green/greens drink mix. The fine consistency of the powder means it can be mixed into a liquid of your choice to create a health drink.

Super greens powder products can have a number of different ingredients depending on the brand. Of course, most contain certain green veggies, such as spinach, kale, or barley grass. However, some better-quality products incorporate an entire smorgasbord of good foods into the mix.
For example, Rewind Greens powders contain 24 powerful greens, vegetables, and fruits, including superfoods like: 

  • Spirulina - Nutrient-dense algae known for its potent antioxidant concentrations and ability to target bad cholesterol 
  • Nori - A type of seaweed that is one of few known natural plant sources of vitamin B12 
  • Barley Grass - A highly-regarded, gluten-free superfood that's high in essential micronutrients like vitamin K
  • Green Tea - An antioxidant-rich tea prized throughout history for its valuable properties 
  • Spinach - A leafy green vegetable known for dense nutrition and numerous health benefits 
  • Blueberries - Superfood berries low in calories and rich in various nutrients, including manganese 
  • Ginseng - A natural energy booster with impressive anti-inflammatory capabilities 
  • Resveratrol - A powerful antioxidant derived from grapes 
  • Apple Pectin - A natural prebiotic that supports digestion 

Pineapple - A bromelain-containing fruit that deters bloating by aiding the digestion of certain proteins

Greens powders tend to be relatively low in calories and high in specific vitamins and minerals. The precise vitamin and mineral contact naturally varies depending on what ingredients a certain product contains. Nevertheless, there are certain vitamins and minerals that tend to be listed on product labels more than others.

A scoop of a typical greens powder is said to offer on average: 

  • Around 40 calories 
  • Less than 1 gram of fat 
  • Roughly 7 carbs 
  • 2 grams of dietary fiber 
  • Vitamins A, C, and K 
  • About 2 grams of protein 
  • Some levels of calcium, iron, iodine, chromium, selenium, and potassium 

If you intend to add a greens drink mix to your regimen, look for products with the most vitamins and minerals. This is typically a good indicator that the product contains a healthy mix of different plant-based ingredients. Or, as is the case with Rewind Greens, the manufacturer has added additional vitamins and minerals to create a more nutrient-dense product. 

Always keep an eye on certain nutritional factors, such as sugar content, calories, fat, and sodium. The best powders will not have extensive amounts of these unless they are formulated as a meal replacement product. 

You can likely go to your local health food store and pick up several dozen super greens powder products. These powders may look a lot alike, and possibly even smell similar. But, make no mistake, there can be drastic differences between the taste of these products. 

Some greens powder drinks taste good, but many can be unpalatable or not all that appetizing if they do not contain added sweeteners. Even though many superfood greens may be good for you, many also have a bitter or undesirable taste, especially if blended all together. Of course, people who are trying to add good superfoods into their diet are also likely trying to avoid added sugar intake.

Unfortunately, the need for flavor enhancement leads a lot of product manufacturers to add artificial sweeteners like sugar alcohol to the powder mixes. Artificial sweeteners can pose their own issues like stomach discomfort, nausea, and bloating. Therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate different greens drink powders and their ingredients before committing to a certain one.

Higher-quality greens powder is made with ingredients that provide natural sweetness or desirable flavors without adding substantial calories. For example, Rewind Greens come in yummy flavors like Cherry Bomb and Blueberry Acai Blast. Both of these flavors are achieved with only natural, good-for-the-body ingredients.

When you track down a high-quality greens powder mix, it can be an exceptionally valuable addition to your dietary intake. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 1 in 10 people actually eat the recommended amount of fruits and veggies on a daily basis. The powdered forms of these foods don't usually offer the same advantages as consuming whole foods, but they can be a close second.

Fruits and veggies are some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Therefore, lacking dietary intake can truly mean you're missing out on what your body needs.

Supplementing with a greens powder may help you overcome some of the health-related downfalls of not eating enough fruits and veggies. A good example is the fact that greens powders can be high in important nutrients like vitamins A and C. Both of these vitamins are important for the immune system. 

Take a closer look at whether drinking super greens powder is good for you.

Side effects from a well-formulated super greens powder supplement should not be a major concern. However, there are a few important points to remember.

One, not every greens powder on the market is made with high-quality or all-natural ingredients. These products can contain artificial agents, flavors, or sweeteners that may cause side effects for some people. For example, some contain artificial colors like Blue 2, which has actually been linked to brain tumors in animal studies. 

Two, these food-based powders are made with different types of foods. And, each individual can have their own reactions to different food ingredients. For example, eating cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, kale, or broccoli may cause bloat and gas during digestion. 

Three, always be mindful of food sensitivities and allergies. Because greens powders contain a long list of ingredients, it is always important to evaluate the ingredient list to make sure there are no agents that could cause issues for you personally. 

Lastly, contaminants can be an issue with low-quality green powders. Some lab-tested products have been found to contain high levels of heavy metals like lead and mercury. Therefore, it is extremely important to only trust products from a good brand that is clear about ingredient analysis and quality. 

Find out more about the side effects of super greens powders.

A well-chosen greens drink can be a valuable addition to your daily regimen for nutritional reasons. Good nutritional intake also supports your overall wellness, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. However, super greens powder may also offer other advantages for your health. 

While super greens products can contain different ingredients, there have been a handful of studies that show greens powder offers some health benefits.

Super greens drink mixes contain a number of valuable plant compounds that may help lower the risks of certain chronic conditions. These plant compounds often offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities that are thought to support important enzymes in the body. 

In a small four-week study, greens powder lowered oxidatively-damaged proteins in the blood. Individuals that consumed 10g of greens powder daily had a 30 percent reduction in proteins in their blood damaged by oxidative agents. Protecting blood enzymes from oxidative free radicals is important for the prevention of chronic diseases and cancer.

Taking greens powder every day may help if you suffer from high blood pressure according to one study. A pilot study conducted in 2009 over a 90-day period found that individuals with high blood pressure benefited from greens powder. Participants experienced a BP reduction of about eight percent by consuming two tablespoons of greens powder every day.

Most greens powder may not do a great deal for your energy levels due to the low amount of calories. However, at least one study has shown that greens powder drinks that contain green tea may provide a noteworthy energy boost. 

In a clinical trial involving 63 adult females, super greens powder supported energy levels over the long term. Those who consumed 10 grams of greens powder with green tea daily for three months reported a significant energy enhancement. By contrast, the female in the control group did not experience the same changes. 

Some people may feel more energetic when drinking a greens drink simply because they're getting more necessary nutrients. It is not uncommon for individuals to feel sluggish and tired when their nutritional intake is lacking.

While the research is limited, some researchers speculate that super greens drinks may help detox the body by boosting alkalinity. The body maintains a stable pH level of around 7.35 to 7.45 in the blood. However, urine alkalinity can fluctuate depending on what you eat.

Some studies claim that certain greens and veggies may push urine alkalinity higher. Higher urine alkalinity is thought to potentially aid the human body in releasing certain harmful toxins. 

Super greens may also support detox in the liver. The liver works hard to filter and detox specific agents. However, this process may generate free radicals that can cause harm to other bodily systems. Because greens powders contain powerful antioxidant levels from the plants, they may also thwart the concerning free radicals

Super greens powder mixes can come with different dosage recommendations and usage instructions. Most will come with a pre-measured scoop that serves as a single serving size. A scoop of the powder can be added to foods and drinks. For example, you may want to incorporate your daily serving into:

  • A cup of yogurt or a serving of oatmeal 
  • A daily smoothie 
  • A glass of water, milk, or fruit juice 
  • A bowl of soup 

Keep in mind, while you can add greens powder to hot dishes, it may not be the best option. Some nutrients may deteriorate when heated.

You can consume greens powder at a time of day that is most preferable to you, morning, noon, or night. However, a lot of people do prefer to consume a greens drink in the morning. Morning intake is especially best if the product contains energy-boosting ingredients like green tea. 

Drinking your greens before bed may also not be recommended for another reason. The digestive process slows at night when you are the least active. Therefore, you may be more likely to experience digestive upset if you consume the drink before going to sleep. 

Learn more about picking the best time for your greens powder drink.

To reap the benefits of super greens powder, it is actually recommended to consume the product every day. The studies on the benefits of these supplements involve individuals consuming a serving of the powder every day for several weeks. 

If you can't work in a greens drink every day, you can still reap some benefits by drinking your greens a few times a week. This is especially true if your nutritional intake of fruits and veggies is usually lower than it should be. 

Some people may experience an upset stomach or gas during the first few days of consuming a greens powder. This is often related to the sudden shift in dietary intake, but the symptoms dissipate once the digestive system adjusts. If your symptoms don't go away after a few days, reduce the serving size of your greens powder. 

If you find a greens drink/green drink upsets your stomach with every serving, you may need a different product. Make sure the green drink does not contain artificial sweeteners or fillers, as they can cause issues with bloating and upset stomach. 

As one of the better-formulated greens powders, Rewinds Greens contains specific agents to aid in digestion like bromelain and pectin. These important ingredients may reduce digestive discomfort that can be typical with other greens powders.

Super greens powder can be good for many individuals. As noted earlier, the bulk of the population does not get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in their everyday diet. Therefore, supplementing with a super greens drink could help inject a better balance of vitamins and nutrients into your daily diet. 

Super greens powder may also be good for individuals who are: 

  • Looking to incorporate more plant-derived antioxidants into their diets 
  • Have a heightened risk for certain illnesses or diseases 
  • Need additional nutritional support due to an illness or condition 
  • Looking for a way to achieve a natural energy boost 

If you're taking medications, pregnant or nursing, or have a diagnosed medical condition, discuss your intentions to take super greens with your doctor. There are some situations when super greens may not be recommended. For instance, if you are taking blood thinners, the added amount of vitamin K in super greens may pose significant health concerns.

Super greens powder products contain so many good things for your body. The vitamins, minerals, and plant-based antioxidants may be good for everything from inflammation to keeping your immune system running at its best. Therefore, a super greens powder can be an exceptionally healthy addition to your everyday routine. 

As it is with any supplement, make sure you follow the manufacturer's guidelines about how much to take. And, make sure the manufacturer is a reliable source that works hard to ensure they are providing a high-quality product. 

The gut microbiome is one of the most diverse areas of the human body with an incredible mix of good and bad bacteria. Further, several aspects of your health are reliant on the stability of this microbiome.

Research indicates the healthy state of the gastrointestinal microbiome is directly linked to dietary intake and food diversity. Also, excluding valuable plants from the diet can drastically narrow the presence of good bacteria in the gut. 

By adding a super greens powder to your diet, you are incorporating a list of natural food sources into your daily diet. Further, the best products contain added ingredients that are specifically known to support a healthy gut, such as bromelain and probiotics or probiotics. Therefore, while there's no explicit research on greens powder benefits for your gut, it's easy to assume the supplement supports gut health.

Many people who are on a weight loss journey include super greens drinks into their regimens for a few reasons. There are no studies to prove super greens drinks will help you lose weight.

Nevertheless, the addition of the supplement to your dietary intake is bound to offer certain benefits that can support weight loss efforts. For example, drinking super greens may support weight loss by: 

  • Giving your body nutrients it needs to deter cravings 
  • Supporting energy levels despite caloric intake restriction 
  • Supporting digestion and metabolism 

Find out more about super greens powder and weight loss.

Bloating can be caused by several different issues going on in the body, such as issues with digestion, inflammation, and circulatory issues. Super greens powder may be beneficial for bloating in different ways. Additionally, whether a product helps with bloating relies on the ingredients included.

For example, the fiber content in some super greens powder drinks may be beneficial for someone who deals with bloating due to slow digestion. Likewise, an individual that does not get enough probiotics to encourage digestion may benefit from a powder that includes prebiotics. 

Learn more about super greens for bloating.

When it comes to finding the best greens powder with all the good ingredients and no bad, Rewind Greens has you covered. Rewind Greens drinks come in delicious flavors like Cinnamon Apple Pie, Pumpkin Spice, and banana French Toast, so you actually look forward to your power-packed green drink every day.

Made with 24 superfoods and 20 vitamins and minerals, Rewind Greens gives you more of what your body needs. It does so with no sugar, artificial ingredients, dairy, gluten, or GMOs. And, every batch is tested by a third-party lab for heavy metals and impurities.

That means every sip is clean, pure, and awesome. Find your favorite Rewind and cover all your bases.