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Hi, I'm Ryan Lee and in 2012 my health completely fell apart.

I turned 40, just had my fourth child, gained over 30 pounds and was diagnosed with a painful autoimmune disorder called psoriatic arthritis.

So I went on a mission. Ok, some might call it an obsession, to knock years off my body... naturally.

After diving back into the research (my Masters Degree is in Exercise Physiology), I kept seeing all the benefits of greens and - more specifically - green juicing!

But after seeing the options to start juicing, I was disappointed.

First, I know myself. And there's no way I'm going to the grocery store 3-5 times a week to shop for all the greens and veggies I'd need. And then spend hours more chopping, slicing, dicing, cleaning and juicing. Seriously, who has the time?

The other option was "instant" greens where you just add water. That'll work BUT they tasted bad. Really bad. I'm talkin' "lawn" bad.

Why can't there be super-healthy, INSTANT greens that are not just really good for you - but they also taste amazing?

Well, REWIND is the result of years of endless formulations, taste-testing, and tweaking.

Thousands of happy Rewinders agree.. REWIND is world's healthiest, best-tasting greens. And it ain't even close.

Plus, as you'll soon see, we like to have fun too. Who says getting into the best shape of your life can't be fun?

Give it a try and see good it feels to "lighten up" with REWIND.

To your health!

P.S. I'm not just the owner, I'm also a "Rewinder". Here's my before/after as I'm now almost 50 and back to the same weight and pant size I was in college.

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